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Why Are Retirement Apartments The Solution For Many?

There has been a drastic change of attitude towards retirement in recent years. There’s longer life expectancy than ever before, and many want to remain as independent as they can to enjoy this new stage in life.

We look at why retirement apartments are the solution for many.


Retirement in the past has gotten a bit of a bad reputation, with images of someone being put into a care home and forgotten about by their family.

Retirement is now seen as a new chapter in someone’s life and not the final one.

It is a chance to experience and try new things, see friends and enjoy their retirement without the cumbersome worries of recent years. And why? Because a retirement apartment allows them to do so.


Now that you are entering retirement you may feel that it is the right time to downsize. It could be the house is too big, it is becoming too much to keep up with household chores and mobility may be an issue BUT you do not want to move into a care home.

A retirement apartment may just be the solution for you.

You are able to downsize, save on living expenses, as well as getting help with the household and garden chores. Many are mobility friendly should you require a bit more help and you can retain your independent life style.


There can be a time where you may feel as though family members are beginning to worry about you. A retirement apartment is the solution for the many as they provide family members with peace of mind. There are onsite wardens, panic buttons as well as it being more private and secure than your old home.

Many retirement apartments come with a family room for friends and family to come and stay as well.

If you choose to go on a long holiday there is no need to worry about leaving the house empty for a long period of time either.


The social benefits of moving into a retirement apartment are one of the main reasons they are a solution for the many. You have a ready built community and access to social activities and events. It gives you the chance to start something new, that perhaps you wouldn’t have done before.

There is less of a chance of feeling lonely, and lots of people for you to have a cuppa and a chat with.


We have only touched on a few of the reasons why retirement apartments are the solution for many, and if you would like further information, contact us today!