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How To Practice A Healthy Lifestyle During Retirement

When you enter retirement you begin to have a lot more time on your hands and it is important to have a good state of mind and health.

Retirement really isn’t the final chapter of your life, in fact it is just a new beginning and practising a healthy lifestyle during retirement will give you a whole new energy.

Here are a few tips on how to practice a healthy lifestyle during retirement.


Practising a healthy lifestyle begins from the inside out, and diet and nutrition is an essential beginning step.

Enjoying varied, healthy and nutritious meals will provide you with all the energy you need to take on those new activities you wish to start, as well as keeping your body in the best health too.

A healthy meal consists of a balance of vegetables, fat, protein and carbs. Treat yourself to a new recipe book and try some exciting recipes!


In order to practice a healthy lifestyle during retirement you also need to take up some gentle exercise to accompany your new found love of healthy meals!

You don’t have to join the gym to exercise but instead you could try walking, cycling, swimming or even aerobics!

The benefits of exercising regularly will improve your mood, help you sleep better and help existing conditions such as back and joint pain. It can give you a new found confidence too.

It is recommended to do 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week but seek advice from a doctor first before you carry out any lifestyle changes.

Staying Active With Others

You can look after yourself physically but in order to practice a healthy lifestyle during retirement you also have to look after your mental health too.

Whilst a struggle in today’s world, once everyone’s allowed to finish isolating, making sure you see friends and family, trying new things, going on days out with the grandchildren or even going on holiday can be beneficial!

By moving into a retirement apartment you will have a ready made community of others to socialise with, and with lots of activities and events on offer you will have a full social calendar too!


If you practice a healthy lifestyle during retirement you will be mentally and physically stronger and ready for the next exciting stage of your life!

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