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The Importance Of Seeing Family During Retirement

Retirement can lead to a lot of change, you may choose to move, downsize the family home. You may welcome grand children or feel as though your family are too busy to see you now that you have more time on your hands. Retirement can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, which is why seeing family often during your retirement is important.

Emotional support

Part if the importance of seeing family during your retirement is the emotional support that they can provide you, and also how you can support them.

It is a great time to nurture family relationships, especially if you do not live as close to them now.

You can now video call them with Skype, catch up with them and see what they are doing on social media and discover and reconnect with those long lost family members.

You can spend time with your grandchildren if you live nearby.

You get to spend time and watch them grow up, and they are great exercise for you too!

The benefits of having the emotional support and seeing family regularly are both physical and mental and has even been linked to reducing your risk of dementia.

Encourage family to visit, and organise a weekly dinner where everyone gets together and shares what they did in the week.

You can even organise a family holiday!


The importance of seeing family regularly is also a financial one should you require it.

Now a days it may be that the family need you to help with the juggle of childcare when they are at work and it gives you the perfect excuse to spend some more time with the grandchildren as well as a way of helping your children.

Social network

The importance of seeing family during retirement is that it can be your very own built in social network that will help you enjoy your retirement to the fullest and avoid any feelings of isolation or loneliness.

At Heath House you can invite family members and friends to stay over in our free to use guest suite!