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Getting Out and About During Retirement

Sometimes it can be easy to fall into a routine of not getting out as much as you once did during retirement.

You have been used to going out to work each day and what that entails, so it can come to quite a shock when you retire.

Here is how to get out and about during retirement, many will also cater to those who need a bit of help or have aides such as scooters and frames.

Public Transport

The joys of getting older must be the travel perks of a bus pass? This allows you to travel for free on most public transport buses, and most other travel companies will offer a discount for senior citizens!

This means getting out and about on public transport just got a lot more economical and allows you to go out and explore and visit all of the places you have always wanted to!

Join a local club

Now a days people realise the importance of getting out and about during retirement and there are now a whole host of local clubs and activities on offer designed for those who have retired.

Start of speaking to your local library as they will have a lot of information on hand regarding clubs that go on in the community.

For the computer savvy among you, many clubs will also be listed on social media and community pages too.


There are many free things to do for those who have retired in main cities like London, but you will also find a number of attractions will have a reduced entry price.

You could also spend some time touring the local heritage sites in your area which during the month of September offer free entry.

Finding new and exciting attractions and places to visit is a great way to get out and about during your retirement.

Organise a trip

Are you finding it hard to find a local club or attraction? Perhaps you didn’t want to travel too far but still want to get out and about during retirement?

Then why not organise a day trip out for you and your friends? Hire a mini bus or organise a car pool and away you go!

Visit friends

A great way to get out and about during retirement is to visit friends. Finally, catch up  with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Catch up with old work colleagues over a coffee and reconnect with old neighbours.


It is important to get out and about during retirement even if it is for a 10 minute walking around the garden, or down the road each day.

Make sure you plan lots of activities which see you getting out and about during your retirement and socialising with others.