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How To Use Social Media To Connect With Others During Retirement

There is a common misconception that only the younger generation use social media. But, more and more of the older generations are now also doing so to stay connected during retirement and to find out about new things to try.

Here is how you can use social media to connect with others during retirement.


With just a few clicks of a button you can now speak to family half way across the world, you can video chat and speak to friends you haven’t seen in years.

You can see visually how your nephews gap year is going, as well as keeping others posted about your new retirement adventures!

Photos, videos, live chat are all just some ways you can use social media to stay connected with others, especially family and friends.


If you have mobility issues then sometimes it can feel isolating and lonely. Using social media to speak to others will help you feel less isolated!

You can also find others who are in the same position that can help and understand how you are feeling.

There are also the health benefits of giving your brain a workout by using a computer/tablet each day too!


You can also use sites like Facebook to find local groups in your area with other like minded people and events in your area to attend as well.

You may even think about starting your own group or blog too and help connect with others during retirement.

Current Affairs

You can use social media to connect with others as well as keeping up with current affairs both nationally and in your local area as well.

You may have come across something you wouldn’t have if you didn’t use social media, that could be of great help or that you can encourage others to do.


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