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How To Make Your Retirement Apartment Feel Like Home

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful times of your life, and it can be hard to adjust to a new home.

We understand that it may seem daunting at first and to ease with settling in we believe that you should feel at home as quickly as you can.

Here is how to make your retirement apartment feel like home.

Size Matters

You may be used to living in a larger house and will no doubt have furniture to accommodate this space. When moving into your retirement apartment make sure you have measured beforehand to make sure your favourite chair fits into it nicely! Why not arrange for the TV to be set up ahead of time so you can settle down with your program the night of the move!

You may want to think about selling some pieces on you no longer need or are too big, or pass them down to family and friends. You can use this as an excuse to get rid of some clutter and create a space in your apartment which only has treasure items in it.

Make sure you are keeping walkways free so there isn’t a danger of your falling.

Surrounding yourself with familiar and functional pieces will soon make your retirement apartment feel like home.

Make It Yours

Your home is an extension of your personality and of course you need to add the personal touch to your new retirement apartment. Photos, Knick Knacks and other favoured items should be put on display to make your retirement apartment feel like home.

If you fancied a change now could be the perfect time to try your hand at interior design and go out and treat yourself to some new furnishings. Those cushions and bedding you’ve been eyeing up perhaps? Whatever you choose make it yours, and you will soon find that your retirement apartment feels like home.

Get Organised

It can take a while to get settled and organised into your new retirement apartment and this can be unsettling and make you miss the order of home.

Make it easy on yourself and make sure you have your favourite slippers, coffee cup and teabags all marked in a box which means when moving day comes you know exactly where your cherished things are.

Same goes for kitchen and bathroom items too. Once you begin to unpack your photos and favourite things your retirement apartment will soon feel like home and make you feel more settled.

The rest of the boxes can wait!

Soon your retirement apartment will feel like home and you will begin to get used to the day to day life of your new chapter of retirement.


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