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How To Eat Well During Retirement — 10 Quick Meal Ideas

It can be hard to know what to eat during retirement, and it can be all too easy to reach for the ready meals which are far from nutritious.

Cooking for one may seem as though it is a lot of effort, and it could be that eating on your own or in front of the TV has caused you to fall out of love with cooking.

Here is how to eat well during your retirement with 10 quick meal ideas that are suitable throughout the day!


Packed with ingredients to give you energy and the ability to change it often, you could add pumpkin, berries, seeds it is full of possibilities and will warm you up on a cold morning, or give you the energy to take on a warm summer walk.

Why not try some overnight oats, too?


Veggie soup such as cauliflower, pumpkin, butternut squash is very easy to make and you can pick what is in season at the movement.

There is nothing more satisfying that a hearty soup on the stove with a chunk of bread for lunch!

Cheesy Potatoes

Indulgent and comfort food at its best with this firm favourite. Crispy, cheesey potato goodness and one that can be prepped in minutes.


Yes, we know it may not be the most exciting meals you want to eat but in recent years the humble salad has taken on about of a transformation.

Use grains and seasonal produce to jazz up your salad and we are sure you will fall back in love with this classic, our favourite is pea, asparagus and bean!


A simple grilled fish such as Tuna with some veggies is a quick and nutritious meal and one you can knock together quickly and enjoy again and again.


Farfalle with some tossed mushrooms and spinach, or a nice hearty bake pasta really is one of the top 10 quick meal ideas and one that can be kept in the fridge and enjoyed later on too!

Frittata (Spanish Omelette)

Eggs, cheese and your choice of veggies all cooked in one pan is a great breakfast, lunch or even tea meal idea!

Fruit Salad

Pick your favourite fruits, some yogurt and seeds and you have the ultimate breakfast or late afternoon snack!

Grilled Sandwiches

Perfect for a light bite, and when you don’t have much time a grilled sandwich is a quick meal you can enjoy for lunch or any time of day for that matter! We will have a cheese and ham one please!

Also a perfect accompaniment to some yummy homemade soup!


Easy to prepare and versatile this firm family favourite will keep you satisfied well into the winter months, and also makes some great leftovers so you can enjoy it for lunch the next day! Why not try turkey mince for a healthy twist?


It is important to remember to eat well during retirement for the physical and mental benefits as well as giving you the energy to enjoy your new lease of life!

So dust off those recipe books, read the food blogs and we will see you in the kitchen!