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How To Avoid Feeling Lonely During Retirement?

When you work for a number of years and see people every day, the thought of retirement can lead to some feelings of loneliness.

You may move away from family, or lose touch with friends.

Here is how to avoid feeling lonely during retirement.

Connect With People

Other than the benefits for your mental health, connecting and socialising with others can also reduce your risk of dementia.

There are a number of ways you can connect with other people and avoid feeling lonely during your retirement.

You can join an online group, use social media to find old friends and check local notice boards for meet ups.

Now is a great chance to make some new friends, as well as connect with old ones you haven’t seen in a while and will help you avoid feeling lonely during retirement.

Start Something New

Starting something new will help you avoid feeling lonely during retirement and provide you with the chance to get out and meet some new people.

By joining a local club, starting a new hobby such as a choir group, volunteering at a charity shop, learning a new language or trying an adult education class will help you socialise with those you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

You may have a skill you want to share, so if there are no local classes or groups that interest you then why not start your own? It is a great way to avoid feeling lonely during retirement.

Shared Housing

Moving into shared housing or a retirement apartment is also another way to avoid feeling lonely during retirement. There is a readymade community of people who are always nearby for a chat and cup of coffee.

Many will also have rooms where friends and family can come and stay so you can turn that reunion into a weekend long celebration!

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