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Is Assisted Living The Right Choice For You?

Making the decision to leave the family home you’ve shared a spouse with, raised children in and spent time with grandchildren in can be hard.

Many changes may have affected you, friendly neighbours may have moved away, your partner may have passed away and now you feel lonely and isolated.

It may be that mobility is now becoming an issue, and you find yourself struggling on the stairs or bathroom.

You may find yourself beginning to worry about your safety in your home, and family and friends may too begin to show concern.

Now may be the time to look at assisted living and if it is the right choice for you.


Living alone can be frightening, and you may feel as though you aren’t as secure in your home as you once were, especially if you are struggling to get around the house.

With onsite 24/7 care, video intercoms, alarms, floor sensors and CCTV assisted living may be the right choice for you to allow for peace of mind and a new lease of life.

If a fall did occur, help can be with you in seconds, which could be life saving and would help ease any concerns the family may have.


Cooking for one can sometimes be tiresome, and you may find yourself drawn to less than nutritional convenient ready meals.

It can be that you may take to eating in front of the TV to feel less lonely.

Assisted living my be the right choice for you, if you want to have the facility to cook your own meals, invite other residents over, enjoy the communal areas and others can make sure you are eating okay.


Getting to and from the shops or doctors may seem like a challenge at times, but assisted living may be the right choice for you to give you access to things like a gym, medical care and a hair saloon right on your doorstep.

If you do fancy venturing further afield there are people onsite to help get you there and back as well as the weekly events and activities.


Being a lone homeowner can be worrisome, the upkeep of the chores, garden work and the financial impact of something goes wrong like a broken boiler.

You also have to vet tradesmen and make sure you are only working with reputable tradesmen who may take advantage if you are vulnerable.

Assisted living may be the right choice for you as there will be a self-maintenance team there to take care of these things for you.


If it becomes too difficult to go out and you are staying at home more, your social skills may decline/ you may feel isolated, and family visits may be few and far between.

Assisted living may be the right choice for you as there will be a number of other residents that you can easily chat to, play cards with and enjoy a meal with.

There is a ready made social club right on your doorstep.


Only you know if assisted living is the right choice for you, and it is best to research and visit as much as you can before you make that decision.